Teacher for 2018-2019 :

Christian Labbé – Box 72

Philippe Courtemanche –


Homework Schedule

Term 1 = 20%
Term 2 = 20%
Term 3 = 60%
C1 – Oral interaction
C2 – Reinvestment
C3 – Writing

Ministry exam is worth 50% of the year in C2 and C3 (not C1)

The Dark Path

The Dark Path

Journal : (Show reflection and deeper thinking about what we have seen or read so far using connections, comments, meanings, interpretations etc.)

The Response Process

The response process has three phases:

1. Exploring the Text

2. Establishing a Personal Connection with the Text

3. Generalizing Beyond the Text

When generalizing beyond the text, you need to move outside the context and address issues at a broader, more general level: groups of people, society, the world, etc.


Correction Grid

Rules of Capitalization

Rules of Capitalization 2

Avoid using I and WE

Avoid using I and WE – 2